Washington State Fair Tenant Screening Act: Property Managers & Owners

The Fair Tenant Screening Act was put into effect on June 7th, 2012.  When Property Managers & Owners collect a screening fee from the applicant(s) they are required to:

1.  Provide the applicant(s) with your rental criteria that may result in the denial of their application(s).

2.  Provide a written adverse action notice as outlined under RCW 59.18.257.  Adverse Action Notices are available through your online tenant screening account.

Rental Criteria

Click the following link for an Example Rental Criteria that we have created.  You can download the example rental criteria and customize the form to meet the needs of your property.  If you have any questions or would like help creating your rental criteria please contact us.

Adverse Action Notice

If you take adverse action on a prospective tenant you must provide the prospective tenant with a written “Adverse Action Notice”.  You can access the “Adverse Action Notice” required by Washington State through your online tenant screening account.  The notice also includes the required federal FCRA and Frank-Dodd information.

Any landlord or prospective landlord who violates this section may be liable to the prospective tenant for an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars. The prevailing party may also recover court cost and reasonable attorney’s fees.

If you have any questions about these changes or accessing your online tenant screening account email Chris at chris@landlordsolutionsinc.com or 253-396-0010.

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