MARIJUANA GROWERS – Is your property at risk?

While smoking marijuana is legal, it is still a felony in this state to grow.

Many growers are looking for SINGLE FAMILY HOMES, as it is often the easiest place to mask their operation. This can create many damaging issues for you as a property owner. To grow pot you need very very humid, warm conditions and of course grow lights going. All of this can cause mold damage, and also makes a happy home for many many insects. And since this is considered illegal activity, your home owner’s insurance will probably not cover the damages!

Before you accept any tenant watch out for these telling RED FLAGS:

Tenants who:

•offer to pay cash

•are willing to pay more rent than you ask for

•give incomplete answers on their application

•register with utilities under a different name

•have no home phone number

•are focused on garage and basement more than home itself

•are very interested in the electrical panel, watts, etc…

Once you find a tenant, SCREEN THEM! Email to learn more about our easy TENANT SCREENING process. NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

It’s also a good idea to write a very explicit LEASE AGREEMENT, which can become your best defense. ALWAYS ENSURE you have a professional and experienced property manager who conducts regular inspections. This is the biggest deterrent you can get. You will not believe the lengths people will go to avoid detection. ALWAYS follow the law and don’t be afraid to CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES!

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