2016 Legislative Bills that affect landlords


updated February 10, 2016.

 SB 6441 | Increased Notice Periods for Rent Increases – January 20. Increases the termination notice from twenty to thirty or sixty days. If a tenant has occupied the property for two or more years you would be required to provide sixty days notices.

HB 1824 | Long life Smoke Detectors – January 11. If passed, July 1, 2017, smoke alarms that are soley battery powered, must contain a nonreplaceable, nonremoveable battery capable of powering the smoke alarm for a minimum of ten years. There are several other requires pertaining to the alarm that you read in section two of HB 1824.

SB 5218 | At-will tenancy/unlawful detainer: January 19. New section adds that a person is guilty of unlawful detainer with they occupy a property without the prior consent of the owner. The owner may give the occupant a twenty days’ notice to terminate.

SB 5219 | Unlawful detainer: January 11. Allows “and other fees, if any,” to be included in a Notice to Pay or Vacate.

SB 5220 | Landlord-tenant acts/judgment: January 11. A tenant, who after being be served with the eviction summons and complaint by alternative service, who enters a general appearance or a response,  may have a money judgment entered against them.

HB 1573 | Tenant property, disposition: January 11. At the time of the physical eviction, any property placed upon the nearest public property may be disposed of by the landlord at the tenant’s expense after the property has remained for a period of not less than five days.  SB 5221 – February 2. Sub Bill: any property placed upon the nearest public property may be disposed of by the landlord after the property has remained for a period of not less than five days.

HB 2051/SB 5377 | Tenant relocation due to rent increase or change of use:  January 11. HB Sub Bill: A local jurisdiction that is required to develop a comprehensive plan is authorized, after notice to the public and public hearing, to increase the notice of rent increase from thirty to ninety days’ for any increase exceeding ten percent of the current rent.  Landlord would also need to provide thirty days’ written notice of any change prior to the end of the rental term, unless otherwise mutually agreed.

HB 2811/SB 6413 | Modifying residential landlord-tenant act provisions relating to tenant screening, evictions and refunds:  February 5, Rules 2 Review. SB February 8. Defines Comprehensive reusable tenant screening report, Criminal history, Eviction history. A comprehensive reusable tenant screening report includes a credit report, criminal history, eviction history and employment verification. Your criteria needs to include whether or not you will accept a reusable report. A landlord who maintains a web site advertising the rental property must include a statement on the home page stating whether or not the landlord will accept a reusable report.

HB 1257/SB 5123 | Tenant screening reports: OPPOSE – January 11. HB Sub Bill: Defines comprehensive tenant screening report. “If a consumer reporting agency (tenant screening company) provides access to a comprehensive tenant screening report, a prospective landlord may still obtain another tenant screening report but may not charge the prospective tenant for the subsequent report.”

HB 1460 | Disclosure of certain eviction records: January 11. A tenant screening report can not include an eviction record if the eviction did not result in a judgment, the tenancy was restored or the judgment reflects a residual amount of rent left owed after the tenant prevailed on any affirmative defense, counterclaim or set-off. A landlord shall not fail to renew or enter into a rental agreement on the same bases. SB 5376 – January 19, Sub Bill: A tenant screening report shall not include an eviction that has been sealed by the court. A landlord shall not fail to renew or enter into a rental agreement on the same bases.

HB 1565/SB 5378 | Concerning the preservation of housing options for participants in government assistance programs: February 5. HB Sub Bill: Landlord may not, based on source of income deny an applicant.  Source of income is defined. SB 5378 January 21.

SB 5894  | Unlawful activity/properties: February 2. If a person is guilty of criminal trespass, who is not the guest of the owner and without a written rental agreement, refuses to vacate immediately. If is not a defense if the person who refuses to vacate was invited as a guest of a lawful tenant unless the tenant was an agent of the owner.

SB 6239 | Authorizes Multifamily Tax Exemptions for Existing Buildings – February 9, Ways and Means

HB 2395 | Authorizing Fees for Condominium Conversions – January 18

HB 2397 | Authorizing Fees for Demolition – January 18

HB 2407 | Bans Commercial Rent Control – January 13

HB 1609/SB 5846 | Creates Exemptions to Plumbing and Electrical Codes – January 11

SB 5185 | Creates a 6-year Timeframe for Substantial Building Code Amendments- January 19

HB 1929/SB 5446 | Requiring Electric Car Charging Stations – January 11 and SB January 19

SB 6226 | Authorize International Plumbing Code as Alternative – January 13

HB 1484/SB 5699  – Enacting an excise tax on capital gains: OPPOSE

SHB 1390/ SB 5713 – Legal financial obligations: OPPOSE

HB 2086/SB 5900 – The homeless/religious org: SUPPORT

HB 1553 – Opportunity Restoration: SUPPORT

HB 1866/SB 5259 – Improving voter registration by providing new residential tenants with voter registration information: OPPOSED

HB 1484/SB 5699 – Enacting an excise tax on capital gains: OPPOSED




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