New law blocks eviction records

On June 9, 2016 tenants will have an easy-bake way to request that a judge disseminate their eviction record.

The new law creates a procedure for an “order for limited dissemination,” which will enable tenants to have their case records excluded from future tenant screening reports. A tenant may request this order from a judge on the grounds:

  1. There was insufficient basis for the lawsuit in the first place,
  2. That their tenancy was “reinstated” after paying off eviction judgment, or
  3. On a showing of “other good cause.” In this case the tenant moved and paid all rent due.

Therefore a judge would probably not allow the unlawful detainer to be listed on a consumer report and the next landlord will rent to this tenant assuming he will be a good tenant.

Click here to read what tenant advocates are saying.

This law gives tenants a way to block other landlords from ever knowing about their past bad behavior. In addition, tenants who have past eviction records can also request orders for limited dissemination. If you belong to a rental housing industry association, please let them know they did not act in the best interest of their constituents.

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