ONE Report released today

Beginning today all tenant screening reports will be ONE report for ONE lower price of $49.00 + tax (additional $7.00 for paper applications). Contact us to obtain the link to provide to your applicants.


If the applicant has reportable criminal convictions, in the criminal section of the report, we will ask that you contact us if you need this information to make a final rental decision. However, if the applicant fails to meet your minimum criteria in another area(s) (credit, eviction, rental reference or employment verification) and is denied as a result, you don’t need information about criminal convictions to make your final decision.

If the applicant has met your minimum criteria and we have indicated there is reportable criminal convictions, you will be required to do an individualized assessment before you can deny the applicant based on their reportable criminal convictions. You, your manager or agent may conduct the individualized assessment or you may hire LandlordSolutions for $79.

An individualized assessment is in part made up of a three-step fact-specific analysis.

1. Evaluating whether or not the criminal history policy or practice has a discriminatory effect.
2. Evaluating whether or not the challenged policy or practice is necessary to achieve a substantial, legitimate, nondiscriminatory interest.
3. Evaluating whether there is a less discriminatory alternative.

Without ONE tenant screening report, you may be at a higher risk of violating state, federal and the Fair Housing Act even when you don’t have any intent to discriminate. The new ONE tenant screening report is to better assist you to be in compliance with state and federal discrimination laws as well as the Washington Consumer Protection Agency.  Landlords and companies have paid $5,000 to settle with the State.

For more information about disparate impact visit our blog and search “disparate impact”.

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