Tacoma Rental Housing Code Passes

On November 20, 2018, the City of Tacoma passed the Tacoma Rental Housing Code that significantly impacts landlords with rental property within the city limits.


  1. 60-day Notice to increase rent (effective December 2018).
  2. 60-day Notice to terminate tenancy for month to month tenancies.
  3. 120-day Notice to terminate tenancy for redevelopment (ie; demolition, substantial rehabilitation, change of use) that causes an existing month to month tenant to be displaced.
  4. Relocation Assistance:  triggered by a 120-day Notice and must be provided to renter by owner/manager within 20-days of giving notice to renter.  Owners pay 1/2 of a $2,000 relocation assistance payment that goes directly to a renter who qualifies and is approved for relocation assistance by the City of Tacoma.  Qualifying renters must meet a 50% AMI or below threshold.
  5. Installment payment plans on move-in fees and deposits.
  6. Distribution of Information to renters.
  7. Renters’ Right to Organize
  8. Municipal prohibition of retaliation and discrimination:  gives renters the opportunity to seek criminal charges against owners/managers who violation retaliation and discrimination laws.
  9. Steep penalties

The effective date for the Tacoma Rental Housing Code is February 2019, with the exception of the 60-day Notice to increase rent which is effective December 2018.

Click here to read the ordinance in full.

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