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Company History

Like many landlords, I know the frustration of having a tenant who doesn't pay their rent. When do you stop listening to the story and start the eviction? By the time I started my eviction the last thing I wanted was for the process to take longer than it should or to spend my time following up on the details. I wanted ongoing communication and detailed follow-through during and after the eviction.

After several successful years of being at the right place at the right time, I was able to focus on investing in real estate full time. I could also start doing my own evictions again and take control of the process to do eviction quickly to reduce my cost and lost rents. I also found that I wasn't the only landlord frustrated with how long the eviction process took and lack of communication with the company handling our evictions. In April 2001, I opened Evictions Services, Inc.

Working from a consultative approach, I was able to provide more than just eviction services while remaining focused on the original goal. My clients realized that by taking steps before things got out of hand that the problem could be resolved by a tenant paying rent or by an eviction that was fast and clean.

We know that the scope of property management goes beyond just collecting the rent.Today, we are known as LandlordSolutions, Inc. We offer customized solutions that give property owners and managers an edge when it comes to managing their tenants. We are a customized, well thought out company with ideas and solutions to help manage your tenants who pay rent and those who don't.


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