New Eviction Form



Please upload the following documents if you have them:

Lease / Rental Agreement:
Notice (3-Day, 10-Day, 20-Day):
Tenant Application:
Notice of Rent Increase:
HUD / Section 8 Contract:
Move-In Checklist:

Additional information or instructions

Tenant(s) Name

Tenant(s) Name

Tenant(s) Name

Property Address


Does the property have a secured entrance? YesNo Code

Did you serve your own notice? YesNo

What type of notice did you serve? Pay or VacateComply or VacateTerminate Tenancy

Do you have a signed lease/rental agreement? YesNo

Did the tenant complete and sign a move-in checklist? YesNo

Did you collect a deposit? YesNo

Do you have a ledger show all payments and charges? YesNo

Has you tenant paid rent in cash?
If yes, did you provide your tenant with a receipt each time?

How does your tenant pay rent? CashMoney OrderCashier's CheckDeposits into your bank account

Has the rent changed since the lease/rental agreement was signed? YesNo
If yes, do you have Notice of Rent Increase? YesNo

Is your tenant in the military? YesNo
If yes, Tenant name: Branch:

Is your tenant receiving a housing voucher (ie Section 8)? YesNo
If yes, Case workers name: email or phone number:

Did your tenant sign an Lease with Option to Purchase? YesNo

Has your tenant done work in exchange for rent? YesNo

Has the tenant requested maintenance that hasn’t been completed? YesNo

Is the tenant(s) still living in the home? YesNo

Is the property in default or foreclosure? YesNo

How did you serve the notice?

Did you attempt personal service:
Knocking on the door? YesNo
Ringing the doorbell? YesNoN/A

Was the notice handed to the tenant? YesNo
If yes, what is the first and last name of the tenant who you handed the notice to?

How many copies of the notice were handed to the tenant?

What is the name of the person who handed the notice to the tenant?
Is this person 18 years or older? YesNo

Was the notice posted at the property? YesNo

Where on the property was the notice posted? Did you take a picture? YesNo

Was the notice posted Face openIn an envelopeOther

How many copies of the notice were posted?

What is the name of the person who posted the notice on the property?

How many copies were mailed?
Did you mail Separate copies in different envelopesAll in one envelope
Which method did you use to mail the notice? Regular first class mailCertified Mail
Did you mail the notice from the county where the property is located: YesNo

Sheriff's Required Questions:

Number of children and approximate ages?

Are there any detached storage units or garages? YesNo

List types of pets known to be living at the residence:

Do the tenants have any disabilities/mental health conditions that will require special accommodations? YesNo
If yes, please include other agencies to be contacted, caseworker's name:

To your best knowledge: Do the tenants pose a threat to detectives involved in the physical eviction?
(Drug activity, criminal activity, known to be armed, mentally disturbed, history of assaults or threats etc). YesNo
If yes, please describe below: