Rental Reference Questionnaire

Applicant(s) Name(s):

Are you the owner of the property? YesNo
If not the owner, what is your relationship to the property?

Were you the owner/manager of the property when the tenant moved in originally? YesNo
If not, how long have you been the owner/manager?

What was the move in date?

What was the move out date?

Rental Term AND Expiration Date: Month to Month / Lease / Lease with Option

What was/is their monthly rental amount?

How many times was rent paid late?

How many NSF checks were received?

What is their current balance?

Did the tenant(s) give proper notice to move? YesNo

Total number of authorized occupants:

Are any additional occupants also responsible for the lease?

Have there ever been unauthorized guests or occupants? YesNo

Were there any pets, and were they authorized? YesNo
If yes, what type?

Was there any documented drug activity? YesNo

How many 3-Day Pay or Vacate notices were served?
How many 10-Day notices?
How many 20-Day notices?

Were/Are there any problems or complaints on file? YesNo

Is there any property damage? YesNo

Would resident be eligible to re-rent? YesNo


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