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 Save travel time and keep better records.

Save time and money not driving to the property, having to match pictures to rooms or arguing with the tenant about your opinion of the condition of the property.  Third party Property Condition Reports with details about the condition of your investment before, during and after tenancy. We check for damage, unauthorized pets, mold, pool, trampoline, deferred maintenance, broken stairs, and marijuana growing. Property Condition Reports will document the condition of the property with photos of the interior of the unit including under sinks, any specific damage and each wall, floor and ceiling of the rooms. Property Condition Reports reduce deposit disputes and lost deposits.

In Washington State no deposit may be collected by a landlord unless the rental agreement is in writing and a written checklist or statement specifically describing the condition and cleanliness of or existing damages to the premises and furnishings, including, but not limited to, walls, floors, countertops, carpets, drapes, furniture, and appliances, is provided by the landlord to the tenant at the commencement of the tenancy. The checklist or statement shall be signed and dated by the landlord and the tenant, and the tenant shall be provided with a copy of the signed checklist or statement.

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