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The first step in protecting your rental property is to do a thorough screening of every applicant. Cutting corners will cost you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. LandlordSolutions Tenant Screening solutions are an effective tool against renting to bad tenants who don’t pay their rent or leave behind property damage. Our screening reports offer landlords objective and factual information in an easy to read format. You will be able to determine if you are making the best rental decision based on past rental history, employment verification and background checks.



• No membership or annual fees
• Secure online account access
• Order online or via faxed application
• Easy invoicing
• Swift turnaround times

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• Web-based applications and Applicant Tracking System with lease integration available
(tablet friendly!)

• Integrated WA state Adverse Action Notice
• Tenant Credit Summaries available
(a great alternative to full credit reports)


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 ONE report for ONE lower price.

Simpler, Safer and Easier

  • Tenant Credit Summary with score or Full Credit Report*
  • SSN Trace & Address History Search
  • WA State Eviction Record Search
  • WA State Judgment and Garnishment Record Search
  • Rental References (past 7 years)
  • Employment Verification (current employer)
  • Washington State Written Rental Criteria Compliance
  • Washington State Adverse Action Compliance
  • National & WA State Criminal Records Search**
    • National Sex Offender Search


*On-site inspection required to obtain Full Credit Report.  (Cost $99.00)

**Available upon request after review of completed report without criminal records.

***Additional products available for Licensed Property Management Companies.


+WA State Sales Tax


Turnaround Times
Credit & Civil Records

1 - 4 Business Hours


1 - 3 Days

Business Days

Turnaround time
may vary depending
on case and access
to records



Thank you for choosing LandlordSolutions for
your tenant screening services!

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