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Rent or buy? In South Sound, it’s better to own

Business Examiner Apr 27, 2017 – 01:37 PM Trying to decide whether to rent or buy in the region? SmartAsset’s latest study, in which the finance website ranks the best Washington markets to own a home, might help. Specifically, the ... Continue Reading →

Attorney General Cracks Down on Landlords Who Ban Felons, Citing Disproportionate Impact on Black Renters

Ads like this violate fair housing laws, according to the Washington State Attorney General. The Washington State Attorney General is putting landlords across the state on notice: Your Craigslist ads don’t have to say “no blacks allowed” to be discriminatory ... Continue Reading →

Seattle 5th in US and 9th most expensive rent in the world

Josh Lyle, KING5 SEATTLE – A new study is really putting the cost of renting in Seattle in perspective. It’s no secret that the cost of living in Seattle is high, but how about the 9th highest rent in the world? ... Continue Reading →

FYI – Seattle millennials change homes here more often than anywhere else in U.S.

    In a hypercompetitive rental market, the city’s young people are on the move, looking for cheaper rent, a nicer place or somewhere close to work. They are so mobile, in fact, no other place in the country moves ... Continue Reading →

NEW LAW: Concerning unlawful entry on certain properties

SB 5388 and HB 1305: Concerning unlawful entry on certain properties has passed in each house and are now waiting the Governors signature. This new law should be effective in July 2017 and will give landlords a quicker option for having unauthorized person(s) removed from their property. ... Continue Reading →

Credit Reports to exclude civil judgments and tax liens

The nation’s three largest credit-reporting agencies will soon exclude tax liens and some civil debts from their reports. The change by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion will take effect July 1, as part of a plan to ensure that consumer identifications in the ... Continue Reading →

Seattle Just Cause Ordinance – Updated to include Rental fee caps

Seattle Just Cause Ordinance_updated rental cap fees Continue Reading →

Seattle First-in-Time FAQ. Enforcement begins July 1, 2017

First-in-Time Requirements, SMC 14.08 Frequently Asked Questions On January 1, 2017, new requirements for applicants and tenant screening went into effect for properties that are located within the City of Seattle. These new requirements, referred to as “first-in-time” requirements, require landlords ... Continue Reading →