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how to hire a contractor or handyman


  With ѕummеr upon us уоu mау be thіnkіng аbоut maintenance, repairs оr іmрrоvеmеntѕ to уоur rеntаl рrореrtу and unless you want to make those repairs yourself, you most likely are considering hiring a handyman. Now is time to to ... Continue Reading →

Need a handyman?

Let us help! I am excited to announce that LandlordSolutions is now offering property maintenance services. So next time you need something repaired, replaced, or built contact us! Our in-house handyman is ready to work for you. Contractor’s License #LNDLI*823LR ... Continue Reading →

tacoma property manager

How to determine the fair market rent for your rental property

Are you planning on renting your property for the first time or do you have leases that are coming up for renewal? Summer is always a prime season for owners to rent their properties because it’s not uncommon to have ... Continue Reading →

New Law: Source of Income – Part 1 – Effective today, June 7, 2018

The first of two parts of the Source of Income law become effective today – June 7, 2018. Beginning today landlords who rent to low-income tenants using a housing subsidy program or voucher are eligible for reimbursements from the State Landlord ... Continue Reading →

Seattle’s First in Time overturned

A long awaited and needed victory for Seattle landlords yesterday, March 28, 2018, when Judge Parisien overturned Seattle’s First in Time (FIT) law saying the “FIT rule does not “directly or materially” advance the City’s interest in preventing discrimination because ... Continue Reading →

HB 1570: Passed into law – effective June 7, 2018

Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance. Governor signed HB 1570 on March  15, 2018 to be effective on June 7, 2018. An additional surcharge of $62.00 shall be charged by the county auditor for each document recorded, which will ... Continue Reading →

Ban the Box clears last hurdle in Washington State Legislature

OLYMPIA – Washington businesses would not be able to ask new job applicants if they have a criminal record under legislation that received final legislative approval Saturday. The House sent to Gov. Jay Inslee the final version of the “Ban ... Continue Reading →

Spokane passes Ban-the-Box law

Spokane Effective June 14, 2018, all private employers in Spokane are generally prohibited from: Courtesy of NAPBS – March 8, 2018 Advertising employment openings in a way that excludes people with arrest or conviction records from applying, such as using ... Continue Reading →