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City Council shouldn’t borrow more for affordable housing

THE Seattle City Council is poised to make yet another out-of-touch decision on Monday on the scale of the Pronto bailout. The Seattle City Council is preparing to put $29 million on the credit card in another display of fiscal ... Continue Reading →

Kshama Sawant’s Cap on Move-In Fees Gets One Step Closer to Full Council Vote

After a delay last month, a bill to cap rental move-in fees will get a full council vote December 12. Over the objections of landlords who claim Seattle is burdening them with overregulation, a majority of the Seattle City Council ... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Holiday Office Schedule

LandlordSolutions will be closed Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th. We are open today until 5:00 pm. We resume regular hours on Monday, November 28th. LandlordSolutions wishes you a safe and happy holiday! Continue Reading →

Single-family Rentals are the Best Investment

A poll of what some of John Burns Real Estate Consulting clients, many of whom are top housing professionals, think about housing and what they are witnessing in their business at a recent conference showed: Very profitable year in 2016. The ... Continue Reading →

7 Things To Check Before You Raise Rent

When to raise rent is a question many landlords ask themselves. Sometimes it comes up when a tenant leaves. Other times it comes up when a landlord gets an increase in taxes or insurance. Veteran investor and landlord Larry Arth ... Continue Reading →

Former Oregon Property Management Owner Sentenced To 3 Years

U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez sentenced Cody C. Halsey, 37, a former Oregon property management owner, to 33 months in federal prison followed by three years’ supervised release after he pled guilty in July 2016 to defrauding nearly 250 ... Continue Reading →

My Top 7 Landlord Mistakes

If you have not made any mistakes as a landlord, you probably have not been in the business that long. One of the best ways to learn is from other people’s mistakes. So veteran landlord and investor Larry Arth shares ... Continue Reading →

Senate Republican Urges State Attorney General to “Take Action” Against Seattle on Rent Control

Vancouver state senator Don Benton condemns Seattle for thinking “they have the authority to supersede state law.” Outgoing Vancouver Republican state senator Don Benton (R-17, Vancouver), a bit of an arch conservative firebrand (he’s a controversial Trump supporter), used his ... Continue Reading →