WASHINGTON SUPREME COURT ORAL ARGUMENT: Yim v. The City of Seattle - "first-in-time"

9:00 A.M. OLYMPIA JUNE 11, 2019

Oral arguments: Chong & Marilyn Yim, Kelly Lyles, Beth Bylund, CNA Apartments, LLC & Eileen, LLC v. The City of Seattle (Does Seattle’s “first-in-time rule” violate landlords’ constitutional rights?)

Oral arguments: Chong & Marilyn Yim, et al. v. The City
of Seattle (What is the standard of review for substantive due process
challenges to laws affecting property rights?)

96817-9 (C18-0736-JCC)
Certified Federal Court
Ethan Blevins 
Brian Trevor Hodges

Hon. Pete Holmes
  Roger D. Wynne
  Sara O'Connor-Kriss
Jessica L. Goldman

95813-1 (King 17-2-05595-6 SEA)
Notice of Appeal
THE CITY OF SEATTLE, a Washington Municipal corporation, 
Ethan Blevins 
Brian Trevor Hodges

Hon. Pete Holmes
  Sara O'Connor-Kriss
  Roger D. Wynne

The Stranger reviews my legislative report


Articles about Rent Control


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Tacoma is the Nation’s Hottest Market according to Redfin.com

City of Tacoma Affordable Housing Action Strategy

Affordable Housing Action Strategy

The City of Tacoma considers affordable housing to be a high priority and has developed an Affordable Housing Action Strategy to address this important issue. As part of this process, a Housing Market Policy Dashboard (with associated technical documentation) has also been created to reflect the potential impacts of market-based incentives for income-restricted affordable housing production. 

Background Information 

A strategic overview presented to the City Council on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 had initially outlined the City of Tacoma's intended approach moving forward

The current strategy was then developed during an intensive four-month process that included a series of community listening sessions, focus groups and other avenues for public feedback organized by the City and its community partners. 

Looking for answers to frequently asked questions as well as a high-level summary of what was shared during the community listening sessions, focus groups and other public events? Download this handout.  

Prior to the completion of the current strategy, the City Council had received its final update on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. That update included a review of Tacoma's key challenges as it relates to affordable housing, as well as recommended strategic approaches that the City could consider taking.

Key challenges identified: 

Recommended strategic approaches to addressing these key challenges:

Past efforts relating to affordable housing include the work of the Affordable Housing Policy Advisory Group (AHPAG) formed in 2010. AHPAG developed 25 policy recommendations in seven categories. Many of the policies originating from AHPAG’s policy recommendations have been implemented over phases, culminating with the 2015 adoption of Ordinance No. 28336 which established incentives for affordable housing, among other public benefits, and created more regulatory flexibility for infill development. 

The work of the AHPAG has informed the work the City of Tacoma has done to develop its current strategy. The City also factored in details from the Tacoma 2025 strategic visioning framework, the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan, and other reports into its current strategy which will align with other initiatives.

Contact Information

Daniel Murillo
(253) 591-5238


Matthew Desmond and his book 'Evicted', explain the affects on a person's life when they have been evicted. However, what isn't be explored is how people can be helped with everyday expenses that allow them to be successful in life so that they can pay rent. Every landlord will tell you that before they start an eviction they have provided an alternative, payment plan or resources to agency who may be able to assist them with paying rent. Eviction are simply a last resort for landlords! A tenant who is unable to pay rent needs the support of their community. Landlords are one member of that community. How are other community members helping to provide or keep tenants in their housing?

From the website www.ndm.org

The National Building Museum announces a new, ground-breaking exhibition exploring the causes and impacts of eviction.

Eviction occurs when renters are forcibly removed from their home by court order. Evictions and the threat of removal are disproportionately experienced by African American single mothers in many cities, but affect people of all backgrounds. An eviction record can mean that a family is now ineligible for other subsidies such as public housing. It can make job-hunting more difficult, if not nearly impossible. Finding a new place to live becomes almost a full-time job, especially in a sprawling metropolitan area without a car.

Housing instability threatens all aspects of family life: health, jobs, school, and personal relationships. Landlords hesitate to rent to those with eviction records, or charge them extra money, causing a devastating negative feedback loop. Children switch schools too often to make friends or be noticed and helped by teachers; neighbors cannot develop bonds; personal belongings are left in storage or out on the street. Americans often take home for granted—homes forms the building blocks of community life—and this stability is under attack when eviction looms.

Helpful information about the new Tacoma Rental Code

Here is some helpful information about the new Tacoma Rental Code. Use the link below for additional details, including violations:


  1. Verify if your rental property is within the Tacoma city limits.
  2. Website to provide in the tenants in the criteria.
  3. Link to download Tenant Information Packet
  4. Notice of Resources


The initial distribution of information to tenants must be
in written form and landlords shall obtain the tenant’s signature documenting
tenant’s receipt of such information. If a tenant refuses to provide a
signature documenting the tenant’s receipt of the information, the landlord may
draft a declaration stating when and where the landlord provided tenant with
the required information. After the initial distribution of the summaries to
tenants, a landlord shall provide existing tenants with updated summaries by
the City, and may do so in electronic form unless a tenant otherwise requests
written summaries.


A landlord is required to provide a copy of a resource
summary, prepared by the City, to any tenant when the landlord provides a
notice to a tenant under RCW 59.12.030.


For a violation of Distribution of information required (TMC
1.95.030), Deposit requirements and installment payments (TMC 1.95.040), Notice
requirement generally (TMC 1.95.050), or -14- Ord18-1330amend.doc-DEC/bn 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Notice to
increase rent requirements (TMC 1.95.060), a landlord shall be subject to the
following penalties:

(1) For the first violation for each affected dwelling unit,
$500; and

(2) For each affected dwelling unit for each subsequent
violation within a three-year period, $1,000.

b. For a violation of a Notice to vacate (TMC 1.95.070),
Tenant Relocation Assistance (TMC 1.95.080), and Retaliation prohibited (TMC
1.95.090.A.2), a landlord shall be subject to the following penalties:

(1) For each violation from the date the violation begins
for the first ten days of noncompliance, $250 per day, per dwelling unit;

(2) For each violation for each day beyond ten days of
noncompliance until compliance is achieved, $500 per day, per dwelling unit.

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