RentWatch servicing can protect your investment and remove the hassle and headache of managing your tenant’s monthly payment.

Advantages include

  • No more going to the mail box
  • No more delaying plans out of town
  • Tenants can walk in and pay rent at our office
  • Online ledger available for owners
  • Email update when rent is received
  • Same day bank deposit in your account
  • Year end income statements
  • Free lease agreements with required forms

For only $23.95 a month per unit, we’ll take care of it for you

Here’s how it works

  1. Your tenant makes their rent payment payable to you.
  2. They mail their payment to us.
  3. We update the ledger.
  4. You and the tenant receive email notification once a payment is applied to their account.
  5. Payment is deposited into your bank account (or mailed to you).

RentWatch provides tools to assist you in managing your tenant and property.

  • Online owner portal – You will be able to log on to our easy to use web-based software to view ledger activity.
  • End of lease notification – You will receive an email reminder when your lease is due to expire.
  • Rent received notification – You will receive notification when a payment is posted to your tenant’s account

Exclusive Discounts

  • Free lease agreement
  • 20% Off the regular price of tenant notices
  • 20% Off tenant screening

Sign up today!

To get started complete our Agreement for Services and send us a copy of your lease agreement by faxing, emailing, or using our secure upload.

No long term contracts. No cancelation fees.

What if my tenant doesn’t pay rent by the due date?
We will email you on the 6th and 20th of each month if your tenant has a past due balance. You can either choose to give them more time or request we serve a Notice to Pay or Vacate.

What if their payment comes back NSF?
Notify us immediately and we will update the ledger. We will talk to you about serving a Notice to Pay or Vacate.

Do you call my tenant when you haven’t received rent?
No. Because the rent isn’t owed to LandlordSolutions we are not allowed to make attempts to collect unpaid rents by calling or emailing tenants. But we can issue a Notice to Pay or Vacate and then follow through with an eviction.